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Open relationships – Why people engage in them and why they are healthy

Some people cannot fathom the reasons why people would be a part of an open relationships, it just seem to be a horrible idea, but for others, and for those who are actively participating in an open relationship, it’s extremely healthy. Many people believe that being with more than one partner, or being committed to more than one person is impossible; but, if a couple is open to the idea and both parties are on board from the start, for the most part, such a relationship can work. In fact, couples that are in open relationships have been together for more time than most traditional couples, and seem to be much happier as well. These are some reasons open relationships work, and some healthy habits they can teach us.

Open Communications

With an open relationship, couples allow one another to have different partners. Of course you have to define the parameters of such a relationship and both should agree on what “open” really means. Couples involved in an open relationship are more likely to communicate better, as they are not afraid of being caught. This helps build trust and stability, and helps bring the couple closer together. It eliminates the need to hide things from one another, not only in their sex lives, but in all areas of their lives.

Eliminates Fighting

Another reason open relationships make things better is they let the couple let their walls down. Since they are so open with one another, and share things with each other, there is far less fighting. This goes for everything; whether it is work, finances, family, or any other area that would be stressful for most couples, those who are in an open relationship find it easier to avoid confrontation, and to talk things out. This helps bring them closer, and it also helps each individual in the relationship get what they want out of the relationship.

gangbangYou Set the Rules

With open relationships, each couple is going to have rules in place. Some couples simply include no kissing as a part of the open relationship; with other couples, as long as discretion is present, and both partners are honest with one another, they can have sex with anyone (as long as the other partner approves). You have to set the rules early on in the relationship, and determine what “open” means. That way, you avoid arguments, and avoid one partner feeling betrayed, or feeling as if they were not fully aware of what the other was doing.

Both Partners are Happy
In open relationships, both partners are going to be happy; both sexually, as well as emotionally happy. In many instances, people stay together because of kids, because they have been together for so long, or for convenience. But, in an open relationship, both parties are actually happy. If you love your partner, yet feel they can’t please you sexually, you can go elsewhere for that connection, as long as both parties are okay with it. And, for an emotional connection, you have that partner, the person you love, and can talk to them. This fulfills both the sexual, as well as the emotional connection that everyone wants to feel. In fact, many couples who are in open relationships feel much happier, they feel they are fulfilled, are closer to one another, and do not have that jealousy factor that other couples experience.

Expression and Eliminates Jealousy

You can express yourself, and choose different partners in an open relationship. Since both partners know what is going on and full discretion is in place, the jealousy that would be felt, or the feeling of being betrayed is no longer present, since both individuals in the relationship, have agreed to the terms that are laid out in their open relationship.

Whether you choose to be in an open relationship for a period of time (decide how long in advance), or choose to do so indefinitely, there are many benefits. So, whether you believe in this concept or not, and whether you agree with it or not, couples who are in open relationships, tend to get along better, tend to be happier, and tend to have a much healthier relationship than those who are stuck in a monogamous relationship.

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