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Posh orgies are the hottest new trend

The rise of the middle class swinger! Posh orgies are the hottest new trend as professional couples flock to VIP-style sex parties

  • – Private event with 60 couples took place in £30million London townhouse 
  • – Ibiza parties have a Human Jigsaw room where guests pile on a giant bed
  • – Event organisers appear on Channel 4 documentary Sex Party Secrets

Every weekend around the UK, in spacious private houses and mansions, champagne flows, music throbs and guests are bathed in soft gentle light.

These aren’t A-list events but the latest generation of ‘posh orgies’, according to a new Channel 4 documentary, Sex Party Secrets airing tonight.

Welcome to the world of the sexual elite where the proclivities detailed in erotic novels like Fifty Shades Of Grey aren’t just the stuff of fiction.

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posh orgies

A new generation of orgies is springing up in which young, professional couples join invite-only sex events.

Forget tales of wife-swapping in Suburbia, these bashes are for young, attractive and professional couples seeking extra thrills in a sophisticated setting.

They take place in expensive townhouses, sprawling West Country mansions or even on yachts or villas in Ibiza.

Forget Christian Grey’s red room of pain, at Pure Pleasure Parties in Spain’s clubbing capital, there’s a ‘human jigsaw room’, consisting of a ‘giant bed where it’s all happening’, says organizer Louise.

Guests must pass a strict vetting procedure and are largely, young, professional with impeccable grooming habits – if there is a dress code it would involve having Brazilian bikini waxes.

Chris Reynolds Gordon runs Heaven Circle, which organises exclusive orgies where the guest list is as strict as any private members club.

While thousands of people apply to join there are only 90 members.

He says: ‘It’s becoming way more open, I don’t want to use the word trendy, but it’s quite the thing to do at the moment.’


Sexual safety is paramount at these events and condoms – in various sizes – are laid on for guests.

You say to your friends, by the way me and my girlfriend went off and did that. They will probably say “oh that’s weird we do the same thing”‘

Asked why he started creating his own events he says, ‘I’ve been to other parties and I thought I can do better than this.’

He admits he didn’t want middle aged people people at his parties.

‘We’ve had actors, actresses, models to nurses lawyers, teachers, old school mates even.’

One event featured in the programme is held in a £30million London townhouse complete with a hot tub and stuccoed 18th-century stone staircase.

Anonymous party-goers talking to the camera wear Venetian masks but even they can’t disguise the women’s cut glass accents and model cheekbones.

The men show off muscled torsos, shaved chests and hipster haircuts.

Another organiser Jon Blue looks like a fashion designer with his bleached hair, dapper headgear and waspish sense of humour.

Instead he runs invite-only orgies, set in beautiful country piles where clinches take place in four-poster beds and on vast manicured lawns.

He says: ‘Here we have VIP room where we have the lovely food and champagne for people who have paid a little extra.’

‘This is someone’s home which is obviously different to hiring a venue like a club because you have to have a little more respect.’


Increasing numbers of couples are spicing up their sex lives at controlled events filled with people like them.

It’s becoming way more open, I don’t want to use the word trendy, but it’s quite the thing to do at the moment. Chris Reynolds Gordon

‘They’re lovely owners, very chilled and enjoying the whole spectacle.’

‘The idea is that we will have lots of flamboyant spectacle creatures, the theme is mythology, so we’re going to have a mermaid in the pool and a unicorn.’

‘Basically we open up the house and the play rooms are open and hopefully by that stage we’ve got their juices flowing and their passion built up and there’s a collective arousal.’

Mr Blue’s goal is to create an entirely new, exotic environment in which to spice up their sex lives either with each other or a variety of partners.

‘Most people don’t have to have sex on a bed, you could have it on a couch, the corner of a couch, there’s plenty of bed space. But the idea of my parties is it’s more a beautiful party, where there’s sex possible.’

Meanwhile Pure Pleasure Parties take the old fashioned orgy into the rarified environment of private villas and yachts in Ibiza.

The events are so popular they’re attended by up to 250 people.

Louise, the tanned, up-front woman behind the adults-only business says, ‘We have parties in yachts as well as villa parties and mansion parties. For the ones in Ibiza you have a 15-strong dance show.

‘The things that are different about my parties are that they really are for the elite. The phones are taken off people on the door. There is no chance of being filmed at these parties whatever your position you are safe and secure.’

She says: ‘We are not born to be with one partner for all our life. Come to a party, live out your fantasies together or let your guy go off and do what a man needs to do.’

high heels

Dressing up in strappy heels, sexy underwear with trimmed and waxed bikini lines is de rigeur at these events.

Sandy and Poppy, first timers at a Heaven Circle, described the thrill of being accepted to the select group as being ‘awesome’.

On arrival at the event’s chic six-bedroom town house, the pair sipped Champagne and watched ‘an orgy with five couples all on the same bed all having sex in several different positions.’

Another married couple Charlotte and Frank are sex party regulars.

She says: ‘My husband likes to see me having fun with other men.’

Frank adds: ‘I just get extremely turned on because I know what the other chap is feeling. When we come back afterwards we are just buzzing and bouncing off the walls from the evening that’s just happened.’

‘On the way back from a party we usually have to stop on route and get in the back of the car and have some fun. We have sex again on the way home.’