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What defines and determines happiness in a healthy marriage? Apart from other factors like love, compassion, and respect, flexibility also plays a vital role when it comes to mental health of a married couple. Flexibility not just point toward the capacity to try different sex partners, but also call for creativity, abstract thinking and adapting as per changing circumstances.

When we talk about swinging couples, we discuss people who share a sense of flexibility and creativity in their married life. True, the charm and excitement often fades away after 6-7 years of marriage and that’s the time when fears and jealousies trap into a relationship. In this article, we’ll analyze both sides of the coin and see which one is better – Cheating or Swinging?

Monogamous Couples – Cheating Is Always A Fear!

Monogamous couples often live with the fear of being cheated on at some point of time in their relationship. In fact, they fall into the category of a toxic jealousy trap, afraid that their one gesture or behavior might encourage the other to get into a full-fledged affair or even end the relationship. Since monogamous couples always think that they have lost the opportunity for sexual endeavors, most of them often stray out and look for other sexual partners without their partner’s consent. This then leads to cheating and the number one major reason why the number of divorces registered are increasing significantly.

It has been observed that regular couples are judgmental about their sex life, while swinging couples believe in living by the “live-and-let-live” attitude. This transparency and consistent respect is the mantra of a successful married life. But when someone breaches it, the damage made is often irreparable.

Swinger’s Lifestyle – Means More Flexibility!

The swingers’ lifestyle may not seem suitable for everyone since it involves sharing your partner physically with other people during the sexual act. However, this concept has been practiced and adopted by a very large number of people all over the world, especially in western countries. The purpose of adopting this lifestyle is to explore sexual fantasies and desires with partner’s consent, as well as involvement.

Couples interested in swinging have plenty of options to explore. They can meet new people who share similar interests at a swingers clubs, cruise or other lifestyle destinations. The best part of this lifestyle is that both partners get to enjoy their sexual adventures with each others acceptance. These couples are equally in love with each other as monogamous ones, but they are aware of the fact that besides love and affection for each other, sex is another thing that might lose its charm with time. Participating in swinging lifestyle not just let them have fun with others, but also encourage sexual interest in each other. It is a lifestyle strictly designed for mentally open couples sharing a healthy married relationship. Both of the partners could satisfy their carnal desires with each others consent.

Swinging or Cheating – Which Is Better?

Swinging Vs Cheating Whether or not adopting a swinger’s lifestyle is better than cheating, is a question that can be best answered by those who actually practice it? Apparently, people are different and will always have different emotional and sexual needs. People who are sexually inactive wouldn’t care much to have a liberal sex life, but those who are still looking for some exotic sexual adventures even after a decade of having a successful marriage life, will always look for them outside, with or without consent! If you and your partner is looking forward to add spice and zest in your relationship by fulfilling certain sexual fantasies, then you might end up being swingers accomplishing your purpose. However, if you won’t show consent to your partner’s desires, chances are that you might have to be a victim of infidelity.

Swinging is indeed the best way to prevent cheating and might even end up making your bond stronger for the lifetime. On the other hand, a partner caught cheating will only destroy the marriage without doing any further good. So, if you are really looking to explore your sexual interests and fantasies outside marriage, it is better to communicate your desires to your partner and let him/her be an integral part of it. With swinging lifestyle, there’s always a chance of a relationship to survive or even flourish, while cheating will mean definite end to a relationship.



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